Study on the premotor-motor interaction in patients with Parkinson?s disease using single, paired pulse and rTMS
C. Buhmann, A. Weiss, K. Hinkelmann, J. Liepert, C. Weiller, H. R. Siebner, A. Münchau

There is growing evidence that the lateral premotor cortex is abnormally active in patients with Parkinson?s disease. Whether this pathological activity is the cause of or a consequence of abnormal movement execution is not clear. In this project, we currently explore the effects of premotor rTMS on motor cortex excitability in de novo Parkinson patients before and after the intake of L-Dopa. The aim is to characterise premotor-motor cortex interaction in these patients and examine in which way this interaction can be modulated by L-Dopa.




em Psiquiatría